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The secrets of post pandemic wellbeing in young people

The Covid19 pandemic has turned our world upside down in a way that we could never have imagined. It has asked our young people to spend more time at home, truncate their social lives and engage with remote learning. 
So how do we help them cope with this new, unwanted reality?
This session offers some evidence based skills, knowledge and helpful strategies to help our young people get through this period of time.


Growing Up Online

An informative &entertaining session for Parents, educators and carers is delivered with Susan’s famous ‘no nonsense’ approach and will cover the positive benefits of technology as well as what parents need to be aware of:

  • What are kids doing online  – The popular social networking sites and apps. What they are, what are the legal ages to use them & why these rules should be obeyed. The difference between an ‘online friend’ and a ‘stranger’.
  • Online Grooming – What is it and when/how does it occur? What are the warning signs & what to do if you suspect this is happening to your child.
  • Cyberbullying – What it is, where it happens, what it looks like, how to prevent and what to do if it occurs. Also the legal consequences and the possible criminal charges
  • ‘Sexting’ – the taking and sending of explicit images…what are the REAL consequences. (Primary school kids too).
  • Potential dangers and safety tips – how to assist the children in your care to stay safe online via parental controls and restriction passcodes.
  • Learn the lingo! Be able to converse with your children in the language of cyberspace.
  • Be confident in setting rules and boundaries around internet use in the home. It’s OK to say NO!
  • The session will conclude with time for Questions.
michelle mitchell
Michelle Mitchell

Everyday resilience: helping kids with friendship drama, academic pressure and the stress of growing up

One of the best ways to support children is to give them skills and knowledge to flourish when life feels tough. In this presentation Michelle will explore how to respond to anxiety, stress, or big feelings, as well as uncover powerful, science-backed ways to build resilience and strengthen kids for the long-term.  

Come and get equipped to:

  • Explore “how” resilience is nurtured in young lives and why adults play such a powerful role. 
  • Learn how to respond to stress and anxiety in the moment and make way for calm and courage. 
  • Discover six proven, practical ways to build resilience, strengthen them against anxiety and build their brave for the long-term

Teens, alcohol and other drugs: What do parents in a’post-COVID-19 world’ need to know?

During adolescence, teens develop a biological need to be around their peers. Under the COVID-19 ‘social distancing’ restrictions all Australians were required to restrict face-to-face interactions, a task adolescents can find particularly difficult. As restrictions have been ‘rolled back’, parties and gatherings have returned to once again play a major role in teens’ social lives.

This presentation will examine the impact of COVID-19 on school-based young people’s alcohol and other drug (AOD) access, availability and use, with a particular focus on vaping, ‘nanging’ and cannabis. It will also provide some simple tips for parents to ensure their child’s safety in a ‘post-COVID-19 world’.

Sharon Witt Author
Sharon Witt

Building our own resilience

How do we build our own resilience and foster self-care?

Covid 19 and extended lockdowns, for some states, have meant that our own resilience has often been stretched beyond capacity. Added to this, the complexities of managing young people accessing at home learning, whilst others are educators, trying to teach remotely.

What can we do when we are feeling totally overwhelmed with the challenges of parenting, teaching, working, and life in general- particularly in light of the challenges of Covid19.

In this session, Sharon will share strategies around managing our own self-care, mental wellness and building resilience.

Cultivating resilience in the presence of Autism and Anxiety

In this session, Ebony will enlighten attendees with her personal experience of navigating stressful and overwhelming life events an an Autistic individual with an Anxiety Disorder. Ebony will paint a picture of the effects anxiety can have and share strategies to support individuals during times of high anxiety. You will hear Ebony’s own definition resilience along with strategies to cultivate this in individuals for whom traditional psychological strategies may not be of benefit. This is a unique opportunity to gain an ‘insider’s view’ of the challenges in maintaining positive mental health with the added demands of schooling and societal expectations.