July 4, 2016

Promoting Positive Body Image in Girls

Sharon Witt

No Body's Perfect

Understanding body and self-image issues
Statistics reveal that issues surrounding Body Image are of major concern to young people. Research tells us that negative body image can affect self-esteem and general well-being, inhibit social activities and affect mental health.

During this workshop, author and educator Sharon Witt will unpack many of the key influences on our young people in relation to Body Image and self esteem and strategies that can be utilised with the young people you work with. 

Key topics include:

  • Why body image has become such an issue for our girls and why they need to develop a strong inner voice.
  • How body image directly affects the self-esteem of so many girls and women in our society
  • To explain where girls derive their benchmark for body image and how this has been vastly distorted over many years.
  • How images of the ‘perfect body’ for girls have changed over centuries
  • How the media use digital retouching technology to make over 40 changes to the average image before going to print