Brisbane 2023

The Resilient Kids Conference is a one-day event for parents and professionals who live and work with young people. It’s a place where Australia’s top parenting experts come together to offer you insights on cutting-edge issues affecting today’s kids and teenagers.

Date and Time: Sat 20th May,

Time: 9.30am – 3:00pm (Doors open at 9.00am for a 9.30am start)

Location: Main Auditorium, iSee Church, 8 Ellen Street, Carina Qld 4152

Parking: Free parking onsite

Cost: $85.00 AUD

What to Bring: Print your e-ticket or show your ticket on your phone at the main entrance for easy scanning and entry.

Resources:  A big aim of RKC is to resource communities. For that reason, we offer a range of stalls filled with helpful resources, and of course the speakers books. Eftpos will be available on the day for all purchases.

Food on the day:  We strive to keep our ticket prices low, to make it possible for anyone to experience RKC. To help, the ticket price does not include food or drinks. While a cafe and other food options nearby will be available at each event, we hope this low-price gesture enables you to be with us!

Meet the Speakers

Maggie Dent: Ten Building Blocks to Resilience
Parent Educator | Host of Parental as Anything Podcast

Today’s modern world is more challenging than ever before, and it appears that many young people have fewer resources to deal with adversity than in previous generations. Research shows declining health and wellbeing with an increasing number of children and teens who are depressed, suicidal and engaging in maladaptive coping strategies such as substance abuse, aggression and anti-social behaviour. In this presentation, Maggie will share ten of the critical things that have a big impact on resilience, with a special focus on relationships and connectedness, why play matters, the importance of building life skills, and strengthening a child’s spirit with her usual humour and common-sense.

Michelle Mitchell at Resilient Kids Conferences Australia

Michelle Mitchell:  Surprising Science Behind Confident Kids 
Parenting Educator | Tweens and Teens Specialist

Confidence is that elusive quality that we wished that our kids had. Out of 1600 parents who recently completed Michelle’s parenting survey, 100% identified low self-esteem as one of their most pressing concerns. All noticed that their kids were pulling back rather than pushing forward – limiting or adapting themselves in fear of being laughed at, criticised or judged. In this presentation Michelle will talk about the science and practise of building sturdy self-esteem, and what to do when it wobbles. We will explore the role of social comparison and feedback and discover why our own journey is the most powerful narrative in their lives.

Karen Young: Stronger Than Anxiety
Neuroscientist | Anxiety Specialist

For many anxiety is an intrusive part of everyday life, with the effects often stealing into families, classrooms and friendships. Anxiety can potentially undermine the way children see themselves, the world and their important place in it – but it doesn’t have to be this way. Anxiety is very manageable when it is recognised and responded to. This dynamic presentation will help all parents, careers and professionals recognise anxiety in children and adolescents (5 – 18yrs). It will delve into the physiology, and offer a range of practical, research-driven interventions to help young people thrive through anxiety, whether it is everyday levels or more intrusive.

Dr Justin Coulson at Resilient Kids Conferences

Dr Justin Coulson: Boys, Girls, Brains and Behaviour
Parenting Expert | Co-Host of Channel 9’s Parental Guidance

What have you heard about brains and behaviour? Is there really such a thing as a “pink” brain and a “blue” brain? Are children different from birth or does our environment make them the way they are? Perhaps most important of all, can a healthy brain help our children choose healthy, resilient behaviour? And if so, how do we help them “grow” a healthy brain?  In this presentation you’ll discover why boys and girls approach risk and challenge in such markedly different ways, the central reason some children do unsafe, unhealthy things and others don’t and how to guide children to optimal resilient outcomes.


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